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Events Calendar


SymbolAGMBook ClosureAGM Date
NICL 69th2018-04-202018-05-04
NABBC 11th & 12th2018-04-24
SKDBL Special2018-04-132018-04-28
Sangay 4th2018-04-062018-04-24
SHBL Special2017-06-112018-03-13

Proposed Dividend

SymbolBonus %Cash %Total Div. %
TDBL 15015
BOKL 13.25013.25
CFCL 8.50.448.94
GDBL 19.3106019.3106
ALICL 120.6312.63

Mutual Fund NAV

SymbolWeekly NAV (Rs)LTP (Rs)
CMF1 10.010.00
GIMES1 8.399.00
LEMF 8.489.00
LVF1 10.4811.30
NBF1 17.5116.50
NEF 8.329.70
NIBLPF 7.688.80
NIBSF1 11.0510.71
NMBHF1 10.089.57
NMBSF1 12.7912.88
SAEF 9.799.70
SEF 9.8510.00
SEOS 10.9711.86
SIGS1 21.4620.09

Investment/Existing Issues

S.NoCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1Nepal Seva Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited 600,000Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonView Announcement
2Aarambha Micro Finance Bittiya Sanstha Limited 294,0002018-02-272018-03-05ClosedView Announcement
3Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Limited 13,342,0952018-02-232018-03-14ClosedView Announcement
4Sanjen Hydropower Company Limited 7,117,5002018-02-232018-03-14ClosedView Announcement
5Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Limited 3,078,9452018-03-192018-03-27ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1BPCL Butwal Power Company Limited 4,081,0002018-01-292018-02-27ClosedView Announcement
2PIC Premier Insurance Company Limited 659,5652017-12-312018-01-03ClosedView Announcement
3NGBBL Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank Limited 975,0002017-09-122017-09-15ClosedView Announcement
4PFL Pokhara Finance Limited 983,6822017-08-132017-08-17ClosedView Announcement
5SCB Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited 2,558,1402017-03-142017-03-17ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1CMF1 Citizen Mutual Fund-1 100,000,0002018-01-162018-02-15ClosedView Announcement
2NICAGF NIC Asia Growth Fund 100,000,0002018-01-162018-02-25ClosedView Announcement
3SAEF Sanima Equity Fund 120,000,0002017-11-282017-12-08ClosedView Announcement
4SEF Siddhartha Equity Fund 120,000,0002017-10-112017-10-15ClosedView Announcement
5LEMF Laxmi Equity Fund 100,000,0002017-05-052017-05-11ClosedView Announcement


Securities Board of Nepal has added 9.90 lakh unit shares of Himalaya Urja Bikas Company in the IPO pipeline; IPO for the local residents of Ramechhap district

The board has added 9.90 lakh unit shares at Rs 100 per unit on Chaitra 21, 2074.  The project is based in Ramechhap district, so the IPO will be issued for the local of the project affected area. Nabil Investment Banking Limited is the issue manager for the IPO issuance. The authorized capital of the Company is NRs.99 crore & issued capital is Nrs.47 crore.  It was converted into public limited company on 17th Kartik,…

Citizens Bank International floating 4,63,826 unit FPO shares

Citizens Bank International (CZBIL) is issuing 4,63,826 units shares as part of its...

Did you apply for Rasuwagadhi and Sanjen Hydropower's IPO? See if you got it.

Rasuwagadhi and Sanjen Hydropower have allotted the shares which the Rasuwa-based h...

Rasuwagadhi Hydropower and Sanjen Hydropower’s IPO to be allotted today

The allotment of IPO of Rasuwagadhi Hydropower and Sanjen Hydropower will be made t...

Foreign Exchange

As of 2018-04-08

Bullion Price

As of 2018-04-08
Hallmark Gold

Rs. 57,900/tola

Tejabi Gold

Rs. 57,600/tola


Rs. 740/tola

Merger & Acquisition

S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name SectorActionSwap RatioTradingJoint Date
1NIBL Capital Markets Limited and Ace Capital Limited NIBL Ace Capital Limited Merchant BankMerger1:1No2018-02-11
2Global IME Capital Limited and Reliable Capital Limited Global IME Capital Limited Merchant BankAcquisitonNo2018-01-15
3Century Commercial Bank Limited & Alpine Development Bank Limited Century Commercial Bank Limited Commercial BankAcquisiton100:93Yes2017-12-08
4Century Commercial Bank Limited & Seti Finance Limited Century Commercial Bank Limited Commercial BankAcquisiton100:70Yes2017-12-08
5Deva Bikas Bank Limited, Sajha Bikas Bank Limited and Union Finance Limited Deva Bikas Bank Limited Development BankAcquisiton1:1:0.50Yes2017-11-09
S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name ActionLOI DateMOU DateRemarks
1Best Finance Company Limited and Synergy Finance Limited Best Finance Company Limited (GFL) Acquisiton--
2Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited and NIDC Development Bank Limited Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited Acquisiton--
3Deva Bikas Bank Limited & Sahara Bikas Bank Limited Deva Bikas Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-06-09
4Kabeli Bikas Bank Limited & Mount Makalu Development Bank Limited Kabeli Bikas Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-05-14
5Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. & Tourism Development Bank Ltd. Mega Bank Nepal Limited Merger--2017-01-19

Auction Data

S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatusView
1PFL Pokhara Finance Limited 100,3532018-04-080ClosedView Announcement
2SADBL Shangrila Development Bank Limited 509,2252018-04-03142ClosedView Announcement
3BFC Best Finance Company Limited (GFL) 1,2012018-04-010ClosedView Announcement
4SIFC Shree Investment Finance Company Limited 66,3772018-03-30186ClosedView Announcement
5RLFL Reliance Finance Limited 110,6262018-03-22106.11ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatusView
1SIFC Shree Investment Finance Company Limited 277,9972018-04-180Coming SoonView Announcement
2KEBL Kabeli Bikas Bank Limited 45,3512018-04-170Coming SoonView Announcement
3RLFL Reliance Finance Limited 535,3152018-04-160OpenView Announcement
4PFL Pokhara Finance Limited 80,3452018-04-080ClosedView Announcement
5CBL Civil Bank Limited 3,121,6002018-04-04100ClosedView Announcement

Upcoming Issue

Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
Himalaya Urja Bikas Company Limited Hydropower990,000
Shivam Cement Limited Manufacturing and Product5,280,000(For Local People and General Public) Local People: 8,80,000 (2%) General Public :44,00,000(10%)
Shiva Shree Hydropower Limited Hydropower1,476,400(For Local People)
NADEP Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Microfinance480,000
Asha Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Microfinance300,000
Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
NMB Bank Limited Commercial Bank11,415,163
As of 2018-04-08
SymbolLTPTurnover (Rs.)
NABIL 99931,438,392
PRIN 65926,834,559
EBL 80724,315,946
SCB 88023,787,307
SANIMA 36323,170,491
NBB 23722,508,552
NLIC 1,17221,924,427
SICL 1,04421,551,838
NIB 67320,096,258
NIL 56519,862,771
As of 2018-04-08
SymbolLTP% Gain
MSLB 2,33210.00
SLBS 1,17710.00
MLBBL 1,0939.96
NUBL 1,0729.95
NICL 5539.94
UIC 9229.89
PLIC 6429.74
GLICL 8119.74
AKPL 2619.66
HAMRO 1609.59
As of 2018-04-08
Broker No.Total Amount (Rs.)
As of 2018-04-08
SymbolLTP% Loss
RADHI 197-3.43
EBLCP 697-1.97
UFL 202-1.94
HAMROP 108-1.82
PROFL 162-1.82
TRH 275-1.79
NIBLPF 9-1.79
MPFL 291-1.69
JSLBB 2,451-1.09
JBBL 144-0.69


Indices & Sub-Indices

Market Summary

As of - 2018-04-08
Total Turnovers (Rs.)917,708,959
Total Traded Shares2,312,865
Total Transaction10,746
Total Scrips Traded176
Total Market Cap (Rs.)1,517,670.21 Millions
Floated Market Cap (Rs.)512,605.20 Millions


As of 2018-04-08
IndexCurrentPoint Change% Change
Sen. Float842.853.51 

Sub Indices

As of 2018-04-08
Sub-IndicesTurnoverCurrentPoint% Change
Development Bank59,986,6001525.6624.881.66 
Manufacturing And Processing6,382,4902303.6752.132.32 

Company Analysis

Hydropower companies share price have hit 52-weeks low; see where the shareholders of these companies stand

Hydropower, being the sector with second highest market capitalization in NEPSE after Banks and Financial institutions (BFIs), hasn’t remained untouched with the bearish nature of market. The plight of this intensifies when we consider the fact that they have a longer payback period and on top of that most of them are relatively new. Given the nature of industry, hydropower sector has to operate in loss until the construction is completed and operation starts. Similarly,…

Standard Chartered Bank again bags the top spot in CAMELS rating; 2 Government owned Banks follow banks with foreign investment

The CAMELS rating of the commercial bank of Nepal has been recently conducted. In t...

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