.np domain regulation in offing

- ShareSansar, August 19, 2011  on Others

A committee formed to develop regulatory framework to manage .np domain is preparing the policy document, according to Nepal Telecommunications Authority. The government had formed a committee led by deputy director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority Bijay Kumar Roy a month ago.

Representatives from High Level Commission for Information Technology, National Information Centre and Mercantile Communication are also included in the committee.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority has directed the committee to finalise the report soon, chairman Bhesh Raj Kanel said, adding that the authority will recommend the government to adopt appropriate policy on National Internet Registry. “The committee is currently studying the trend of regulating National Internet Registry around the world,” a committee member said, adding that it is studying different modalities to recommend the government. “It is studying both technical and administrative model of National Internet Registry of different countries at present.”

There are some countries where National Internet Registry is managed from the private sector as well, he said. “But no country has let to mange it by private sector without formulating any policy like Nepal.”

It will recommend the government to ensure its role in the National Internet Registry, according to him. The government is yet to formulate policy to regulate National Internet Registry even though it has been more than a decade since Mercantile Communications, a privately owned Internet Service Provider, has been managing .np

domain since 1995.

Source: THT